MSP cracks down on left lane drivers


LANSING, MI (WLNS)- It’s a pet-peeve for many behind the wheel.

You’ve seen it, people driving in the left lane and staying there.

It’s a common misconception.

Many believe the left lane is for fast moving traffic, but Michigan State Police remind drivers that’s not the case.

“We are seeing a lot of left lane travel. People traveling in the left lane, and not passing it causes a bottleneck in traffic, It can create road rage at times. So we encourage people to travel safely in the right lane” Community Outreach Trooper Marco Jones of Michigan State Police said.

Michigan State Police say they’re on the lookout for lane violators.

According to Trooper Marco Jones, Michigan State Police are noticing a trend people are not using the left lane for its purpose “a passing lane”.

After receiving numerous calls and complaints, they’ve decided to crack down on left lane drivers.

“It does cause a lot of tension and rage among motorist out there” Trooper Jones said.

According to Trooper Jones, police are looking for people who travel in the left lane for more than a mile, without passing people up.

In the event you are passing someone while in the left lane, Jones recommends getting back to the right lane as soon as possible.

According to Jones if an emergency vehicle is in the right lane, or a lane is closed, a driver can of course be on the left hand side. But if a driver is leisurely in the left lane, they can be pulled over and receive a ticket.

“At the very least you’re going to receive a stern warning from a trooper out there but you can receive a citation for being in the left lane without passing.” Jones said.

The ticket can be for improper lane usage, and it can cost upto a hundred dollars.

According to Trooper Jones says, this law is particularly for 2 lane highways.

In a 4 lane highway, driving in the left lane is acceptable.

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