MSP reminding drivers to be responsible during holiday weekend


(WLNS) – Michigan State Police want to pass along that they will out patrolling and making sure you are driving safely.

To the Michigan State Police Memorial Day is the ‘start of summer.’

And that means many drivers will be out on the roads traveling to see family , friends and having a good time.

All the while MSP and other departments will be looking out, making sure the party stays off the road.

“We’re going to have troopers out on the road looking for people to increase the awareness of traffic safety. So we want people to slow down we want to again remind people to not drink and drive, and buckle up,” said 1st Lt. Kyle Bowman, Michigan State Police.

That’s right.

They’re cracking down on drinking and driving, seat belts and speeders.

So if you’re breaking any of these laws, beware, MSP is out looking for you.

“Another big thing that we’ve been talking about in recent years is distracted driving. It’s become a bigger and bigger problem so take a moment, spend time with your family, have a conversation, but let’s put the phones down, let’s put the electronic devices down and let’s focus on the road.”

But distracted driving can mean more than just texting.

It can mean not paying attention to the road for any reason.

MSP says accidents from distracted driving can be just as dangerous as those from drunk driving.

“People are not aware of how quickly they can lose track of time and what they’re doing when they simply take their eyes off the road. To retrieve a book or a piece of paper or answer a phone call.”

One thing MSP has said in the past and repeated again Friday is they do want people to have fun, they just want to make sure everyone enjoys the holiday responsibly.

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