MSP respond to holiday traffic on Memorial Day

Holiday travelers are heading back home after the long weekend, and that could make for some crowded roads and tricky driving conditions.

It’s one of the busiest holiday travel times of the year.

Whether it be to visit family and friends, or to honor those we’ve lost, millions of Michiganders hit the highway for Memorial Day weekend.

According to AAA, 1.2 million people in Michigan were expected to travel more than 50 miles from home during the long holiday.

AAA says, that number is nearly a 2 percent increase from the just over 1.1 million who traveled last year, which makes this Memorial Day, the 5th straight year of growth for travel in our state.

However, with more drivers behind the wheel, Sgt. Rene Gonzalez with the Michigan State Police says, he wants everyone to get home safely.

“When you have more traffic, you’re going to have more cars coming to an abrupt stop on the roadway because of the backups,” says Sgt. Gonzalez.

As Memorial Day kicks off the summer driving season, Sgt. Gonzalez says, it’s important to remember, though there may not be ice on the roads anymore, drivers should still slow down, and take caution.

“If you’re not paying attention or if you’re going too fast, there’s a good chance you’re going to cause an accident,” says Sgt. Gonzalez.

State Police say, many of the violations troopers gave out today, were for speeding or aggressive driving. And as the day went on, more drivers just want to get home, which is why Sgt. Gonzales believes it’s important troopers are out monitoring the highways.

“Seeing us out on the roadway, enforcing the motor vehicle codes, stopping those speeders, people without seat-belts, drunk drivers, its increasing the safety for the motorist and we feel our presence out there really helps quite a bit,” says Sgt. Gonzalez.

Even though the holiday weekend may be over, it doesn’t mean safe driving shouldn’t be top of mind, every time you get behind the wheel.

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