LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Michigan State Police Trooper Clinton Barber was able to try out some of his cowboying skills on the I-96 ramp to Pennsylvania Avenue on Wednesday–although there wasn’t a cow involved.

Barber, of MSP’s Lansing post, had come upon two deer fawns lying near the side of the Interstate ramp, as MSP First District posted Friday in a tweet. When he went to check out the situation, he realized that one of the baby deer was dead–but the other was only dazed with minor injuries.

Trooper Barber figured the two fawns had been hit by a car. He then made a makeshift lasso and successfully pulled the surviving fawn to the side of the highway ramp.

Ultimately, Barber was able to help the baby deer back into the woods.

It may go to show that even in Lansing, a little lassoing can make for a rewarding day in the field.