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MSU basketball bringing in more future Spartans?


Michigan State is bringing in national attention for their trip to the Final Four and people across the country are rooting on the Spartans.

With such a large fan base for March Madness, will it bring in more future students to the university?

Assistant Director for the Admissions at MSU, Michael Kolar, says there’s no exact way to track whether applications correlate with team success, but the attention is obvious on campus.

“The excitement of an athletics program, like the one we have now going, certainly builds in the excitement of visitors on campus. We have seen a large number of visitors this past week, in fact we’ve seen a record of numbers this past week, today alone, we’ve had over 600 people on campus,” said Kolar.

He added that March and April are crazy even when the team isn’t doing well in the tournament. There is a national deadline for students to enroll into college or university by May 1st, but the tournament has made the interest in being on campus stronger than ever.

“Students who have been thinking about Michigan State, they’ve been hearing about it, things have been happening with the athletic program and they want to be on campus to see what it’s like to be a Spartan,” said Kolar.

You can watch the Michigan State game tomorrow night on 6 News as they take on Texas Tech. Game time is set for tomorrow night at 8:49 p.m.

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