MSU celebrates 25th annual Take Your Kid to Work Day


On the fourth Thursday of each April, it’s estimated more than 35 million Americans bring their kids to work. The annual “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work” day is a national public education program designed to connect what kids learn at school, on TV, and at home with the actual working world.
Michigan State University took advantage of the day, inviting hundreds of parents and their kids to take part in an entire day dedicated to learning about careers. We found 12-year old Grant Pennock in the computer lab, now contemplating a future career with computer components. 

“The supercomputer is very interesting – I found that out just now, ha ha.”

It was just one of dozens of jobs he and hundreds of other kids got to learn about, up-close, on this 25th annual “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work” day. Grant’s mom, Kristin Pennock, works inside MSU’s architecture department and says the chance to expose her son to a wide range of potential employment is important.
“This is the third year that Grant and I have done this. It gives him an opportunity to see what I do and also other areas of interest he has around the university.”

Almost every building on campus had kids roaming around with the parents, taking tours, asking questions, and not only learning about numerous professions, but also experiencing real-life employment moments — like going through a job interview.

Michigan State University has been involved with this annual event for more than 20 years and organizers say, bringing your kids to work can be a major breakthrough. 

“You can never be too young to have purpose and passion,” says MSU advisor DeAndre Carter. “Getting these kids exposed to the Michigan State culture, life, and what adults do is awesome.”

“It’s a really good time for kids to start exploring,” says MSU Career Consultant Christie Schichtel. “They can find what they may like, what they like to spend time on, and hey, have thoughts of, I can actually do this.” 

This national event focuses on children ages 8 through 14.

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