EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – The first day of the fall semester at Michigan State University is Monday, and the school is expecting 11,000 incoming first-time students.

“We’re so excited to welcome 11,000 incoming first-time students to MSU. Of course, there’s nerves and there’s sadness of leaving family and home behind, but a lot of great anticipation for what’s next,” says Kat Cooper, student life and engagement representative.

What’s new this year is that classes are starting on a Monday. For the past decade, classes started on Wednesday.

Classes start this week, but many MSU students returned to campus last week.

“There is great learning in the classroom, but that outside of the classroom time is when they connect with their fellow Spartans and really begin to make those memories that will make a difference in the rest of their lives,” Kat Cooper says.