LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — In the wake of armed conflict in Israel and Gaza, Michigan State University issued a condemnation of the violence in the Middle East and locally.

“We condemn the recent acts of violence and share the concern of many in our community regarding the staggering loss of life in Israel and Gaza,” the unsigned statement reads. “MSU strongly opposes hate, bigotry, antisemitism and Islamophobia and the way these may manifest into fear and violence.”

The university is preparing responses in the event of local hate activities targeting the Jewish community or those from Palestine or the Middle East in general.

“While this situation unfolds abroad, the safety of our campus community is a top priority. Anyone receiving targeted or personal threats, as distinct from free speech, should immediately contact the MSU Department of Police and Public Safety at (517) 355-2221,” the statement reads. “In an emergency, call or text 911. MSU DPPS is collaborating with impacted groups to understand community needs and take appropriate action and is prepared to provide additional security on campus as requested.”

The university reports it does not have any sponsored trips to the region, including students or faculty. It says it “will not support official travel until the security situation is improved.”

In addition, different parts of the university apparatus are prepared to facilitate conversations, dialogs and counseling for those impacted by the violence and tension.