EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – The MSU Board of Trustees will not vote on the release of thousands of documents regarding former university employee and serial sexual predator, Larry Nassar.

The Attorney General said MSU officials owe it to the people of Michigan, current students, and the Nassar victims to hand over all the needed documents.

Last week, Nessel issued another request for full transparency from MSU in handing over more than 6,000 documents about Larry Nassar, the sexual predator who worked for the university for nearly two decades.

“With new leadership and new members, we expected more from the board of trustees and hoped they were as dedicated to accountability and transparency for their student victims as the Department of Attorney General continues to be,” said Nessel.

But according to the board of trustees chair, the board has already released the documents.

“I would say we have released 6,000 documents. What we have not done is waived attorney-client privilege. There is nuance in that the attorney’s notes and recommendations in counsel have not been released but the documents themselves have been released and anything that is factual is FOIA-able at this point with the exception of attorney-client privilege documents,” said chair Rema Vassar.

Nessel said her office has made a sincere plea to every new rendition of this board and will keep up their fight for transparency at every opportunity.