BUFFALO, NY. (WLNS) – Investigators say the mass shooting in Buffalo this weekend was racially motivated. The shooter posted a manifesto laying out his plan to attack Black people before the shooting even happened.

Michigan had a mass shooting in our state back in November, and this year there have been 201 mass shootings in America according to gunviolencearchive.com

A Michigan State University expert says the shooting in Buffalo goes deeper than just displaced anger.

John Jackson teaches political science at MSU. He says scientific racism can influence people like 18-year-old Payton Gendron, who posted a manifesto right before he shot and killed 10 people.

He cited the Great Replacement theory.

The theory says “that white people will soon be a minority, and this is an invasion of the racial other that has to be stopped. That’s a very very old argument it goes back to the 19th century,” said Gendron.

This manifesto laid out specific plans to attack Blacks because Gendron thought the white race would be wiped out.

“He is choosing to dress up his views in the language of science. Which for most people think that’s rationality, that’s truth, that’s facts. What appears to be rational thought behind what he’s doing,” said Gendron.

Unfortunately, the lives of these 10 people were taken.

Jackson says the shooter was motivated by far-right groups.

“One thing a white supremacist or a white nationalist will say is we have to wake up the white race to fight back, which means violence is okay and in wars, people get killed,” said Jackson.

But do shooters ever think about the consequences?

“Absolutely they think about the consequences of it all, so some of them don’t expect to survive. Some of them just expect they will be killed in this process., even if they have to kill themselves,” said Jackson.

Jackson says in New Zealand two mass shootings took place in 2019, but since then…

“It hasn’t happened since in New Zealand, because it’s so hard to get a gun there, but it’s easy so easy to get a gun here, ” said Jackson.

So what can we do as individuals? Jackson says we need to continue to have more conversations around race and eradicate anti-Black racism in our country.