MSU fans react to new “no bag” policy


EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – MSU’s men’s and women’s basketball season has officially kicked off.

Thousands of fans made their way into the Breslin Center Friday night for the annual “Michigan State Madness” event, also known as “Midnight Madness” but the process of getting inside wasn’t all that simple.

Friday was the first night police ramped up security efforts and started a “no bag” policy for all indoor sporting events.

This policy was in place for MSU’s football games, but police took things a step further after recent threats were geared toward the university’s athletic department.

While people know it’s for their own safety, they say it’s just hard to get used to.

For the thousands of fans eager to meet and greet Michigan State’s men’s and women’s basketball teams, getting into the MSU Breslin Center was a little more challenging to say the least.

“What am I going to be able to put in my pocket you know there’s a lot of stuff that we carry in our purses and to combine it all into one pocket is not easy to do,” said Jill Linden from Hartland.

MSU’s new “no bag” policy doesn’t allow purses, camera cases or large bags into any indoor athletic event and Linden finds this approach inconvenient.

“If you know ahead of time it’s no problem but if you don’t and I’m looking around and a lot of people don’t know, they’re going to be hiking back to their car,” Linden stated.

The policy comes after the university received multiple threats toward MSU athletics so to keep everyone safe, police decided to crack down by enforcing the “no bag” guidelines which is an approach that Ariell Sydes understands but still struggles with.

“I understand where they’re coming from but at the same time if it’s not a big bag, if you check it, it shouldn’t be an issue,” said Sydes.

For more than 20 years, MSU fan Maurice Mead has been sporting green and white and he says he’s disappointed law enforcement had to lay down this new policy in the first place.

“It’s sad that this world has come to what it is right now and I mean…I’ve been coming to football games years ago and the only thing you couldn’t bring in was an umbrella because you didn’t want to block the view for the people behind you…you could bring anything, now you can’t…I got my keys in my pocket and that’s it,” Mead stated.

Bags are prohibited not only at indoor sporting events but concerts and special events held at the university’s venues.

If you’d like to take a look at which items are not allowed in, we’ve posted a link on the “Seen on 6” section of our website.

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