LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — The MSU Spartans triumphed over CMU Chips, 31 to 7 Friday night.

It was an ornament to hang on an overall outstanding day.

Chants in support of the Spartans could be heard all across the campus this afternoon and evening. And the celebration was in full swing.

“We’ve been eating, drinking lots of water on this hot day and lots of treats. We all love treats,” MSU Student, Owen Mitroff said. 

While many of the thousands headed into the stadium, local eateries were ready to feed guests and show the big game.

“100 percent absolutely we’re always ready for game day. We have our 200-inch projector screen down for the game later. Game days are our favorites. Best crowds, best people,” Anthony Carano, co-owner of Barrios said. 

With so many people in the area, security may concerns some, but not Carano.

“We really haven’t had a big problem with needing security in the past. Sometimes we feel like if you have security, its kind of just promotes problems,” said Carano. “We just take it upon ourselves to police everybody and make sure everybody is having a fun, safe time.”

Fans cheering for both sides were hoping to score a win tonight.

“We think we got some improvements since last year and I think we can do some good things and hopefully we can catch Michigan State at the right time,” CMU fan, Bill Crane said. 

But MSU student Mitroff said he was ready for his Spartans to take the night.

“I’m excited to get this dub against Central,” Mitroff said. 

And the “dub” is exactly what Mitroff got. MSU prevailed 31 to 7. It’s the 9th time MSU has beaten CMU.