LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — One of the seven Michigan State University football players criminally charged for his actions during a tunnel brawl with University of Michigan football players has started completing his 80 hours of community service.

20-year-old defensive back Khary Crump was sentenced to a year of probation and 80 hours of community service. Crump said he was looking to make difference in the community he plays for so he decided to do his work at the fledge.

“See I was just looking around for the best opportunities I saw this was pretty close to East Lansing so it kind of narrowed down my decision,” said Crump.

The Fledge is an organization in Lansing that help people get support for anything like housing, food, transportation, and much more. In his community service work, Crump will be tasked with helping the group in any upcoming events they will be hosting.

“Really just trying to make this community a better place doing food giveaways,” continued Crump. “Just putting stuff together to help with fundraisers in the future.”

Along with the community service, Crump also has to go through anger management classes. Crump said that in the classes, he has been able to learn how to control his anger and not let it get the best of him

“I don’t feel like any crowd chants any trash talking with affect me at this point,” said Crump. “It’s just about getting down to the ball.”

Crump says he has had time to reflect on his actions and that he understands what he did was wrong. Now he says it’s about moving forward and proving to the public that he is a good guy and deserves a second chance.