EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – For many, the return of Spartan football is an annual tradition and for places like downtown bars and restaurants, it also means a big boom in business.

“Today’s pretty nuts. It’s been a good day so far,” said the Owner of Crunchy’s, Michael Krueger.  “The last week has been pretty intense with all the students moving in.”

As a former spartan, this place has become part of Krueger’s passion. He says this year there is a different buzz in the air, not only around the team but with how many people are coming in.

“It seems more this year for some whatever reason you know. I don’t know if there are more kids moving into town or everybody just kind of coming at once or everybody being impatient or whatever, but it feels a little bit more intense this year, but you know we prepped as much as we can and we have all hands-on deck,” said Krueger.

Stopping by were people like Ryan Anderle who with his family made the trip all the way from Kentucky. It’s a trip they make every year and for every home game.

“Probably for five years, maybe six years. It’s a big part of who I am. It’s a big commitment that we make for Michigan State football,” said Anderle.

Krueger says his restaurant hasn’t been affected much by staff shortages, and that’s a good thing seeing his place packed like this on game day.

“It’s awesome man. It’s good to see everybody come back. It’s good to see all the shirts and all the MSU gear on, especially on a game day. It’s just the whole college town vibe that there is nothing else like it.”

Krueger adds if you do plan on coming out all they ask for is a little patience.