MSU Head Football Equipment Manager Stitching for a Purpose


With his personal sewing machine on hand the Head Equipment Manager for the Michigan State football team, Andrew Kolpacki, and his friends Garrett Briningstool and Lauren Scott, are doing their part to fight the Covid-19 Pandemic.

“Sewing is used in football equipment we usually are reparing jerseys but obviously without being on the football field right now for spring football we can use that skill that we’ve developed and put it towards good use,” said Kolpacki.

“We just watched youtube videos so I was like trying to mimic what they did on the youtube video go off what andrew knows being able to sew and I’m just kind of the laborer, cut stuff,” said Briningstool.

“We will continue to make masks as long as we are self quarentined and self isolating. So for the next 30 days we will be making masks and we will be sending them to local health care workers and nursing homes and sharing with family and friends,” said Scott

The idea to make the masks first came from Andrew Kolpacki’s Mom, who’s a Case Management Nurse in Ann Arbor. The steps to make one are pretty simple and these Spartan alums assured me that anyone can do it. So they put me to work and I can report it was hardly a chore.

“We would love to share our best practices and tips so that other people hopefully are inspired to help,” said Scott.

“It’s not going to happen the first time around probably not the second time so just stick with it you are going to be able to help somebody even if you don’t know them directly somebody’s going to benefit if you’re able to help make one mask ten masks one-hundred masks whatever it is. Somebody will be on the benefiting side of that, might even be yourself,” said Briningstool.

The group spends around four hours a day working on the masks and have completed around 100 in total.

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