MSU Professor Researches how weed could possibly cure COVID-19 symptoms


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)—Various health experts claim Marijuana allegedly benefits the human body. Now, according to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cannabis-based products are used to treat adults suffering from nausea during chemotherapy treatment. Plus, the CDC states adults suffering with multiple sclerosis, and those who have chronic-pain use cannabis-based treatments.

Now, the plant is being tested to use in the fight against COVID-19.

Dr. Norbert Kaminski, a Professor and Interim Director, Center for Research on Ingredient Safety at Michigan State University has teamed-up with GB Sciences, a bio-pharmaceutical company to create a medical-drug to battle cytokine storm. This condition is a result of COVID-19 and causes fatigue, lung-inflammation which can lead to pneumonia. If this condition is left untreated in worst-case scenarios death can be a possible factor.

“Some of these cannabinoids are fairly good anti-inflammatory agents,” stated Dr. Kaminski, “and so what that means is they inhibit the release of certain proteins from white blood cells, and when these proteins are released in very large quantities they can be detrimental and in the case of COVID-19 it can inhibit lung function. Now, the compounds that we’re working with to develop as therapeutics with GB Sciences they do not include delta night THC a major psychoactive component in cannabis.”

So far, this process is in the very-early developmental stages of research at Dr. Kaminski’s Michigan State University laboratory during its pre-clinical stage. So far, the study shows promising results based on how the cannabinoid mixture has reacted to white blood cells.

“We isolate white blood cells from blood packs we obtain from the blood bank and these come from healthy donors, and we’re able to isolate those cells, place them in culture and simulate their response to various stimuli,” Dr. Kaminski stated,“for example if it was a stimulus encountering a virus, bacteria, we can mimic a lot of these different scenarios that would normally occur if a person was exposed. We can do this without actually exposing people.”

If the drug is able to be created in Dr. Kaminski’s laboratory, and in the near future gets FDA approval Dr. Kaminski states it could be used to fight other serious illnesses and ultimately change the future.

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