EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – How do you address your students who just last week went through a mass shooting, right down the road?

MSU professors said their attendance was cut in half, with many students deciding not to come.

Larger lecture halls saw much fewer students than smaller more tight-knit classrooms.

Those who did decide to show up did not have a normal class. They were greeted by an instructor whose goal was to discuss how students were feeling.

“I am incredibly thankful that I am back with my students… We started with coffee and donuts, and I cried for two minutes, then I went through my talk, and we talked about sort of how we were doing,” said MSU Professor Jeremy Steele.

“Just had a chance to get back together, and be back together, and figure out where we are going to go from here… I don’t know that I’m feeling anything right now, just trying to help these young people get their feet back on the ground and move forward,” said Professor Andy Corner.

Many professors are offering both online, and in-person classes, sometimes a hybrid of both.
Some say that after yesterday’s initial classes, they feel more comfortable moving on with their syllabus.