MSU “Safe Ride” pilot program provides reliable transportation to students


It’s a program designed for students to ensure college kids are getting from point A to point B in the safest way possible. It’s called the “Safe Ride” program and it officialLY shifted it’s gears into drive for students at Michigan State University.

Two words.

Safe and reliable. Terms used to describe a new initiative created by students, for students.

“This is going to be a program that will offer students the opportunity to take control of any situation that they might be in that they may not want to be in, providing them that out that they may need,” says President of Associated Students of Michigan State University, Lorenzo Santavicca.

It’s called a “Safe Ride” program used at colleges across the country, providing convenient, free transportation home for students on campus during the hours of 10pm-3am. And now, students at MSU will have the chance to test it out.

“Living off campus, it’d be nice to get a ride home because sometimes, it can be a little intimidating to get a ride home at night,” says Sophomore, Lucy Tykal.

“I feel like I’m always kind of looking over my shoulder so it’s nice to know that I have something I can use,” says Sophomore, Anna Bulkowski.

The program is designed to prevent situations such as drinking and driving, walking alone late at night, and potential assaults on or near campus.

“We see this as an opportunity right now for the student leadership on campus to make an initiative, make an effort to say, we want to take an active effort on making a change on this role,” says Santavicca.

To use the service, students can call the dispatch number, or, download an app called “Transloc Rider.” Then select their location and request a safe ride home.

“They know that they can rely on safe transportation, a driver that’s been background checked, and all these checks and balances in place by both our administration, our student affairs department here as well, to make sure that this is really the program that will be a safe opportunity for students on campus,” says Santavicca.

It’s a program driven toward teaching students safe practices, beyond just their college career.

The Safe Ride program kicks off tonight at 10pm, and will run four days a week until the end of the college semester. After that, students will have the opportunity to vote on whether or not they want it to continue.

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