MSU speaks out about security breach


Michigan State University officials announced there was a massive data breach into it’s security system yesterday, after hackers broke though it, and gained personal information from students and employees.

MSU officials say they are certain 449 people have had their personal information compromised.

As for the other thousands of people who may be at risk, officials say they’re working around the clock to let me know there’s been a hacking incident.

MSU spokesperson, Jason Cody, says the university is working with a number of resources, including MSU Police, the FBI, and an IT service to protect records and information.

For those of you who may be wondering why it took a couple of days for the University to notify students and staff even though it happened last Sunday, Cody says, it’s because the University receives cyber-security threats all the time.

“Most of these breaches when they happen, it usually takes the institutional organization a few weeks, sometimes more than a month to be able to disclose and that’s for various reasons. You have to first of all figure out what happened and what information was exposed or accessed, that takes time there’s a criminal, ya know criminal aspect, this is a criminal investigation. We worked as quickly as we could to try to get to the point where we could disclose the information, ya know we were able to do that in five days,” says Cody.

They wanted to make sure this one was legitimate, and right now, the goal is to reach those hundreds of thousands of people.

“It there are current students or current employees, we can very easily find their contact information, for those that may be past students, um you know, alums or former employers, we do have an IT security firm that we are working with and they will help us to try to locate contact info, whether that be an email address, post office address, mailing address, and we’re going to do our best to reach out to as many of those people as possible,” says Cody.

MSU is offering 2 years of identity protection and credit monitoring for all those affected.

We have links under “Seen on Six” to take you through the process.

Meantime, officials say details including who is responsible and how much it will cost the University to fix this are unknown at this time.

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