MSU Sports Journalists Hopeful for AWSM National Convention


The Michigan State Chapter of the Association for Women in Sports Media, has a group of young women who are hoping to attend the AWSM National Convention down in Dallas this summer. An opportunity that can have a monumental impact on their careers.

MSU journalism students Natalie Kerwin, Kara Keating, and Heidi Vanderbeek are gearing up for the opportunity to rub elbows with other sports journalists and learn from those who have been in their shoes.

“If you wanna do reporting there’s gonna be reporters there. If you wanna go into public relations there’s people for that there. So the convention provides so many opportunities to network there with many different people so I think that’s what’s made us really excited about it. So we’re hoping to get to go,” said Kerwin.

“It’s showing that like women can be in sports and just kind of being like almost like a girl power group I would say, just supporting each other and being able to network to get to where you wanna be that is our main key is networking networking networking because obviously in journalism it’s all about who you know,” said Keating.

“Going to the convention I’d be able to network with people either like just for the page or, branding guess you can say kinda branding yourself as a journalist you’re branding your self as like a reporter,” Vanderbeek.

MSU Journalism Professor, Joanne C. Gerstner, knows from experience what the AWSM community can provide for her students.

“It’s so important to have when you’re starting a career, a place to go where you see other women and you have support because women are still less than ten percent of this industry for sports journalism,” said Gerstner.

Currently the national convention is still on schedule and a GoFundMe page was created to help these young journalists with the finances of going to the convention. If you’d like to support the MSU Chapter of the AWSM, click this link:

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