MSU students create app designed to help find parking in East Lansing


If you live, work, or visit the city of East Lansing on a regular basis, it’s likely that you’ve had a problem at least once or twice with finding a parking spot, especially on a game day.

It’s a common problem that drivers face all too often including Michigan State University seniors, Zach Brewer and Drew Piotrowski, they say, they’re determined to solve it.. with technology.

“We found it’s not really a volume issue, it’s an efficiency problem and we just don’t use the parking spots that we have efficiently, so that’s why we came up with the idea for PRNDL,” says Co-Creator of the app, Zach Brewer.

PRNDL stands for park, reverse, neutral, drive, low.

The purpose of this app, is to help drivers find or rent parking spaces near MSU’s campus.

Piotrowski says to think of it as an Air B and B, but for your car.

“If anybody has an extra spot at their house, apartment, business, or church, they can rent it out whenever they’re not using it. Then anybody that needs parking, they can reserve it ahead of time and you can get a spot for 15 minutes or all the way up to a year,” says Co-Creator of the app, Drew Piotrowski.

Here’s how it works: Drivers can pick a location of where they want to park their car and look on a map to see what spots are available.

The app will also list the cost of each spot and tell you what’s nearby.

“You’re circling around looking for something and hoping for that good spot, but here, you can kind of count on having that premium spot just waiting for you,” says Piotrowski.

Those who rent spaces can also set their own prices and change them based on demand.

It’s a business idea that turned into reality, simply by taking school smarts to the streets.

“You’re learning some stuff that comes up in your classes and then on the reverse you learn things in class that you can use in the business world, so they kind of build on each other,” says Piotrowski.

So whether you’re searching for a parking spot, or just looking to make some extra cash.. these Spartans say downloading PRNDL could help make life a little bit easier.

Both students say they’re hoping to expand the app’s coverage to the city of Lansing and other universities in Michigan in the future.

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