EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Flooding caused by a burst pipe at the SkyVue apartment building in East Lansing has forced dozens of Michigan State University students out of their homes.

Students are still unable to return to their apartments.

Patrick Bourke, a resident at SkyVue said his whole floor was impacted.

“I was just waking up and he sent me a text message showing me a video of the elevator. And I was like, that’s really weird. Like the elevator shouldn’t be flooding obviously,” he said. “My understanding is the pipe burst from the ninth floor And it worked its way down all the way [to] the fifth and fourth floor. So it was a very big area that got affected by the pipe burst.”

Electricity in the apartment building had to be shut down when the electrical room filled with water.

“I quickly like packed everything… When the water was like slowly making its way to like our rooms, for example, I was just thinking like, what should I even bring? And I only like brought like a few clothes and all my homework. And then that was what’s the next steps?” said Alan-Michael Bergman, a resident and MSU student.

“Like, what am I gonna do from here on out? Like, am I ever going to see this apartment again?”