EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Safety updates are coming to MSU to keep buildings secure, provide more eyes on campus, and ensure more people are trained for emergency situations.

The announcement Wednesday came a little more than two weeks after a mass shooting that killed three students and hurt five others.

The campus is still a very tense place. But as midterm exams wrap up, students said they are glad to see the changes and hope they build to more security after the shooting.

“If I’m going to come here, or your parents are sending you here just to better yourself, why do you want to worry about things like that?” said senior Michael Maldonado.

Maldonado said the four major security upgrades coming to campus are a welcomed sign for lasting change.

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MSU administrators announced that classroom door locks are being upgraded across campus, with 1,300 rooms prioritized. It’s a project that’s expected to last through the start of the fall semester.

Cameras will also see an upgrade. More equipment will be installed in buildings and at emergency phone stations that dot the university.

Starting March 13, most buildings will require key card access from 6 p.m. to 7 a.m.

Originally buildings would lock at 11 p.m. Students like Delaney Quigley said with classes ending when it’s dark outside for part of the year, this change adds a layer of comfort.

“Especially that they changed it where it’s still daytime out when they lock now. So that helps if like the dark it gets a little scary and everything, thinking like ‘oh, what’s going to happen,'” said Quigley.

Ahead of the fall semester, university leaders said active violent intruder training will now be required for all staff and students.

One student says the update is a reminder that the university is looking out for them as many of them struggle to return to classes.

“There’s a lot of places on campus that really didn’t have that much security beforehand, and now that we have that and we have that extra precaution if something does happen, it really gives us ease in how we feel about this,” said freshman Kacey Hyde.

Maldonado said while safety is at top of his mind, he just wants to focus on being a student again.

“We’re just here to get an education, you know, get out of school and go get a job,” he said.

University officials said they are still looking into how to manage building access for their campuses in Flint, Grand Rapids and Detroit.

As for here at home, they said they are starting a review of how university staff responded to the shooting as well as bringing in third-party members to review the performance.