LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — The Michigan State University Vice President and Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Alan Haller says the university is preparing to terminate Mel Tucker’s contract.

“I, with the support of administration and board, have provided Mel Tucker with written notice of intent to terminate his contract for cause,” Haller said in a press release. “This notification process is required as part of his existing contract. The notice provides Tucker with seven calendar days to respond and present reasons to me and the interim president as to why he should not be terminated for cause.”

“This action does not conclude the ongoing Office for Civil Rights case; that rigorous process will continue,” he says.

6 News’ Sports Director Audrey Dalhgren has learned Haller met with the team after noon today and informed them Tucker would not be returning to the team.

Ending Tucker’s contract “for cause” would take the university off the hook for paying off his $95 million contract.

— Commenting to the Vendor about her looks, body, and body parts,

specifically her “ass”

— Making flirtatious comments to the Vendor in conversations that you state

“happened often”

— Masturbating and making sexually explicit comments about yourself and

the Vendor while on the phone with the Vendor, which you describe as

“phone sex” and “a late-night intimate conversation”

— Michigan State University letter to Mel Tucker, Sept. 16, 2023

Those three items, the University argues add up to “moral turpitude.” Under Tucker’s contract, the behavior broached the ethical and moral standing expected and therefore the university can terminate the contract.

Haller, in the letter, says that because Tucker has admitted to the above, the University has the basis to end the contract.

“Given this behavior, which you admitted and do not dispute, the University may terminate the Agreement under the Early Termination Provision,” Haller wrote.

In a letter to Tucker, released by the University, it cites the allegations against Tucker who has been caught in a sexual harassment scandal.

Tucker now has seven days to respond to the University as part of a formal grievance process.