EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – The internal battles of the Michigan State University Board of Trustees was on full display Friday morning.

It’s the first time the elected body met since Trustee Brianna Scott released a letter accusing Board Chair Rema Vassar of being a bully and violating Board policies.

The public packed the room, with many demanding more transparency on concerns from the Mel Tucker sexual harassment controversy to releasing documents held by the university in the case of serial sexual predator Larry Nassar to the new controversy revolving around Vassar.

An emotional MSU Trustee Brianna Scott discusses threats she has received after raising ethics concerns about Chair Rema Vassar. (WLNS)

While Vassar had supporters present, she did face critics as well. The Faculty Liaison presented a 52-4 vote from faculty calling on Vassar to resign her elected post.

Vassar responded to the call for her resignation and Scott’s letter by stating she didn’t feel she’d violated any policies.

“I apologize to the 2.3 million people who voted for me,” she said. “And the students and the faculty for the spectacle this board has subjected you to. And to some of the things I probably could have handled differently. I value my relationships with my colleagues and I genuinely hope that we can turn the page and work together for this institution.”

MSU Board of Trustees Chair Rema Vassar denies any wrong doing in allegations related to ethics and policy violations. (WLNS)

Scott responded back, highlighting the emotional toll the release of her letter had taken on her. As she began to speak, students screamed at her. She broke down in tears while defending her actions.

“You have no idea the stuff that’s been said about me this week,” she said. “And all I wanted to do was standup for people who don’t have a voice because they’re so afraid to do what I have done. And that’s take the darts that have been aimed at me for standing up for what is right. And had I not stood up, we would continue in this chaos. And I cannot watch it because I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for this university.”

Scott said she has been targeted with threats. She called on people to wait until the investigation into the allegations against Vassar was completed.