EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Friday was the last meeting of the year for the MSU Board of Trustees. But it was not without controversy.

Not only students but staff called out the board for its lack of transparency in the investigation into the former dean of the business school and the handling of the swim and dive team.

The first major topic discussed was whether or not to reinstate the men’s and women’s swim and dive team, which the athletic department cut from the program back in 2020.

“In reviewing the intersecting pieces necessary to form a program and the financial challenges that remain. We do not see a viable path to establish a swim and dive program,” said MSU Trustee Melanie Foster.

That’s despite the U.S. Supreme court declining to hear the Title IX lawsuit from former swimmers.

One alumn says the board has been difficult to communicate with and that MSU talks about not having money for the team but hasn’t even reached out to the program’s donors.

“You talk about not having the funding I made one phone call and raised million bleeping dollars. We have not even tried. We have stalking horse bids to go out here and raise funding and you won’t even engage us,” said Jim Thirstin, a former swimmer for MSU.

The other hot topic was the handling of the independent investigation into former business school dean Sanjay Gupta.

Gupta resigned as dean under pressure in August after school officials say he failed to report an alleged sexual assault.

It was reported that the board met privately over the matter and asked the law firm conducting the investigation to not provide a written summary for fears that it would become available to the public and press.

“Transparency is a very broad word and the board is being transparent in that we are making it known we are doing the investigation,” said Board Chairperson Dianne Byrum.

This debate about transparency is expected to carry on into the next year.