MSU “Waffle Guy” talks about his time in the spotlight


Have you ever been asked if you like pancakes or waffles? Well, for this Michigan State student, that question is a no brainer.

Nathan Guzowski, is a senior at MSU and also known as the “Waffle Guy.” He has been receiving a lot of attention after getting some serious air time with his waffle hat on ESPN at the Michigan State verse Michigan game this past Saturday.

Back in 2017, he says he was in Mt. Pleasant looking for a Halloween costume, when he came across the waffle hat.

“I just kind of saw this and my eyes, I thought i could do this for a night or so,” said Nathan.

Even though it was bought to only wear on Halloween, he got more use out of it than he thought he would. He says that he’s comfortable wearing it to game because it’s common for students to wear hats, jump suits or costumes in the Izzone section and this wasn’t the first time he’s worn it.

“I think this year I’ve worn it, I’ve worn it I think for every home game,” said Nathan.

This time though, all cameras were pointed in Nathan’s direction.

“I’m usually on camera once or twice a home game, but nothing like this game,” said Nathan.

Videos if Nathan ended up on Twitter pages like Big Ten Network and the Izzone, with thousands of retweets and favorites.

“I checked my phone and saw a couple tweets like hey lets start a GoFundMe for the waffle guy and get him to the Big Ten tournament and maybe even the NCAA tournament, so I said sure, that’d be cool,” said Nathan.

After talking to his friends and family, Nathan was told to make one and that you never know what could happen.  After setting up the GoFundMe, he thought of it more as a joke.

“I got to work later that night people were like you know so how much do you have? I go I don’t know, checked it, and sure enough it was like a thousand in twelve hours,” said Nathan.

He says the donations came from everywhere, even Michigan fans who donated a dollar. Nathan added that even alumni reached out to him, hoping to see him at the game this weekend.

The goal was set at $2,000 to pay for Big Ten Tournament tickets, a hotel and gas money, but doesn’t plan to spend all of it.

“Going to Michigan State, we’ve had some rough times here the past year or year and a half, so hopefully was going to use the money for sexual assault survivors, or I haven’t really looked into a lot yet, but whatever money would go to a cause,” said Nathan.

Whether he reaches his goal of $2,000 or not, Nathan says he’s still buying his tickets tonight and heading to Chicago in the morning.

Even though his waffle wearing days are over in the Breslin center, he says it was a good way to end the season.

“It was my last game there and there was a lot of emotion, so I thought what better way to go out then wearing a waffle,” said Nathan.

And if his economics major doesn’t work out, he has some backup plans.

“I was hearing like man you should really be a marketing major, you know I’ll do some stuff for Ego, or Waffle House, I’m open to ideas,” said Nathan.

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