LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — In what appears to be a social media challenge trend people are being recorded slamming themselves into garage doors, causing a lot of damage.

The Livingston County Sheriff’s Office published the photographs of two people moments before it said they “body slammed” the garage door.

In a social media post, the sheriff’s office shared three images and a map showing where this and four other garage door attacks took place recently.

“Do you recognize either one of the knuckleheads? They body slammed a garage door in the middle of the night last week,” the sheriff’s office wrote. “Yes, you read that correctly. They ran full speed and body slammed a garage door causing a lot of damage. Even worse, this is our 5th report of a body slammed garage door this month. 4 of the 5 actually took place this weekend throughout the county.”

Multiple garage doors ‘body slammed’ in Livingston County. (Image: Livingston Co. Sheriff’s Office)

The sheriff’s office is asking if anyone recognizes the people in the photos, to email with details and “help us end this chaos.”

6 News was able to find other news stories from across the nation about people “body slamming” garage doors as part of a social media trend.