LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Two weeks ago, defense attorneys told a Clinton County judge that evidence in a 2018 murder investigation had been ignored by investigators, but pointed towards another man.  

Robert Rodway, of St. Johns, was charged in the 2018 murder of 68-year-old Chong Yang by Attorney General Dana Nessel in late 2022. Nessel also obtained a warrant for Thomas Olson, who was from Grand Blanc Township.  

Rodway was released from the Clinton County Jail on Tuesday morning after the case was dismissed and the Attorney General’s Office filed a motion saying it would not pursue prosecution of Rodway.  

The lawyers argued Bath Township Detective Bryan Miller ignored multiple tips naming another suspect, as well as evidence that implicated that man in the slaying. Among that evidence was cell phone location data and text messages. All of that information was in the possession of Miller in 2019, but the defense attorneys argued it was never reviewed.  

One of the two attorneys representing Rodway declined to comment. 6 News reached out to the Bath Township Police Department for comment, but there has not been a response. The family says it is processing the news and asked for privacy.  

Local defense attorney, Mike Nichols, calls the dismissal a major win for the defense. Cases end in only a few ways: a trial with a conviction, an acquittal, or a plea deal.  

“Least common of the three outcomes is they throw in the towel and say in the interest of justice we should not continue with this prosecution,” Nichols says of the case.