A new resource is coming to Lansing for people with dementia and their families–Ethel’s Place–and it promises to be a good time.

“This inclusive gathering offers an opportunity for attendees to meet others who share similar experiences, share stories and revel in moments of joy like karaoke, dancing and more,” said Lisa Dedden Cooper, AARP Michigan Manager of Advocacy.

AARP Michigan is introducing Ethel’s Place, the “warm, welcoming social event designed for individuals living with dementia or mild cognitive impairment, along with their family and friends,” said AARP Michigan associate state director of communications, Careena Eggleston.

There will be fun, music and light refreshments.

Ethel’s Place is inspired by AARP’s Six Pillars of Brain Health: Be social, engage your brain, manage stress, ongoing exercise, restorative sleep, and eat right.

Ethel’s Place will be on the first Thursday of every month from 2-4 p.m. at The Venue, which is near the northwest entrance to the Lansing Mall. Admission is free, and anyone who’s interested can attend.

For more information, you can go here or call 877-926-8300.