During the winter months, cold air reduces the natural moisturizers from our skin. Sarah, what can we do to keep our hands and feet in great shape?

Well, we all need to take extra care of our hands and feet during the colder season or they can develop dryness and cracks. And it actually doesn’t take too much work.

First, consider scheduling manicures and pedicures every 4-6 weeks with paraffin wax treatments – they open pores, allowing hydrating elements to penetrate the outer layers of the skin.

For at-home treatment, use cuticle oil to keep your cuticles and nails from drying out and apply a nourishing hand and foot cream at least twice a day.

Before you hit the pillow, use a heavier night cream and slip on cotton socks and gloves – this will let your skin breathe, while holding in the moisture. These simple tips should be all you need to make it through till summer.

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