You’ve made the decision to sell your home! Now it’s time to decide how much you’re willing to put into it.

Should you invest a little to make improvements or do you sell “as is”? You’d be surprised by how much a difference simple updates can help!

New carpet, a fresh coat of paint, and new appliances can do wonders to make your listing stand out. Often your investment results in a higher sale price!

Selling “as is”, however, can be appealing to sellers looking to move quickly or an estate property with no time or money to invest in improvements.

I tell my clients who want to sell “as is,” to ensure the home is sparkling clean.  Clean, neat and tidy sells.

It’s always a good idea though to patch nail holes, repair any potential safety hazards, and ensure the home is well maintained.

Work with your agent to determine the best course of action to list your home!

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