My Spirit | Discipline


I want to challenge you today to discipline your disappointments. As we live our daily lives it is certain that disappointments will come. Someone will fail to come through on a promise, something you thought was going to work out doesn’t, your kid gets in trouble at school, or maybe your dinner date cancels on you AGAIN!

As disappointing as these things may be, don’t lose hope. You can still have a great day, a great week and something better may very well present itself to you. The worse thing we can do is allow disappointments to dictate how the rest of our day goes or we allow them to dictate how we treat others.

In other words, don’t go home and kick the dog because your friend disappointed you. Learn to discipline your disappointments. Let your attitude be, “Disappointment, I’m not going to let you ruin the rest of my day, I’m not going to let you get me down, I’m going to make the best of this day, I’m going to enjoy my friends, my family, and my dog. Be Blessed!

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