Express Employment Professionals recently released new survey results revealing the reasons applicants do not accept jobs and the reasons employees leave their jobs.

In a survey of 1,951 businesses, respondents were asked, “What hurdles stop applicants from accepting a job at your company?” They were also asked, “What hurdles cause employees to leave a job?”

Thirty percent (30%) said “low pay” stops applicants from accepting a job, making it the most popular response. Thirteen percent (13%) said “lack of advancement/opportunity,” and another 13% said “lack of transportation.”

“Lack of advancement/opportunity” was the most popular response for why employees leave a job, at 34%, followed by “low pay” (30%) and “not a good cultural fit” (27%).

Even though respondents were asked to select all reasons that applied, a majority of respondents chose “none,” indicating the diversity of reasons at play.

Full results are below.

“It’s clear that pay and advancement remain top motivators for job seekers,” said Bob Funk, CEO of Express. “Still, there is a wide range of factors to which employers must be sensitive. As the labor market tightens, businesses have to be even more aware of what may prevent them from making a good hire. They also should take care to be aware of what may drive away good employees currently on the payroll. Proactively responding to these hurdles is key to maintaining a talented, stable team.”

What hurdles stop applicants from accepting a job at your company? (Please check all that apply.) Q1 2017Q4 2016Q3 2016Q2 2016
Low pay30%27%33%28%
Lack of advancement/opportunity13%20%17%27%
Lack of transportation13%13%15%12%
Inflexible schedule12%11%17%14%
Lack of company benefits12%10%
Long Hours11%12%10%18%
Perfect fit10%11%9%15%
Would lose government benefits8%6%
No child care available6%5%9%3%
Would lose disability benefits3%0%2%1%
What hurdles cause employees to leave a job? (Please check all that apply.) Q1 2017Q4 2016Q3 2016Q2 2016
Lack of advancement/opportunity34%35%28%40%
Low pay30%27%27%29%
Not a good cultural fit27%26%33%28%
Unlikeable boss/management17%16%22%18%
Difficult schedule17%16%17%16%
Long hours14%16%14%18%
Lack of transportation9%10%14%10%
Unlikeable co-workers8%7%11%8%
No child care available4%3%8%5%

The survey of 1,951 businesses, which are current and former clients of Express Employment Professionals, covers job insights for the first quarter of 2017.  Previous surveys were conducted to cover job insights of the quarters indicated.