LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — The owner of a Delta Township nail salon said township officials have been giving him the run around as he tries to re-open his business.

Vincent Vu is the owner of the Nail Box, originally Angel Nails, located inside the Meijer on West Saginaw Highway.

He was forced to relocate his shop after remodeling construction began at the store.

“The whole project is going to take a year and a half for us to even come back to it, so we decided to move our business to this location,” Vu said.

Now, Vu is located a few doors down from Meijer. He said township officials are making it hard for his contractor to finish up the remodeling job.

“The secretary gave him a permit and he did the whole job. As of yesterday, I came to find out that his license was not qualified to do the installation,” Vu said.

According to Delta Township Manager Brian Reed, the employee who issued the permit did make a mistake.

Vu said when he submitted the plans the township sent him back multiple times, adding more items that he would need to get approved.

“I give him the drawing, he looks at it and says, ‘This is not enough information.’ He asks me to go back and update it. I update the information and he says, ‘There’s a few things that I need you to put in there.’ I did that and then again, he missed something, and he asks for more. We have had to do this four times,” Vu said.

He said this is one of many things that have left him confused and is holding him back from reopening his salon.

“I feel like people in a position of power, they seem to trip on it instead of helping other people to get better. You know, teach them,” Vu said.

Reed said he will continue to work with Vu to “help him through this process” and that Delta Township “values all its small businesses.” Vu said he hopes he’ll be open for business soon.