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Day 1 of Larry Nassar’s sentencing hearing

Kyle Stephens

“Larry Nassar is a predator without boundaries.”

“You used my body for 6 years for your own sexual gratification, that is unforgivable.”Jessica Thomashow

“He touched the most innocent places on my body that day.”

“You took advantage of my innocent and trust.”Mother of Chelsea Markham

“It has destroyed our family.”Jade Capua

“I am no longer broken by you.”Alexis Moore

“Nassar should never be able to look at or talk to another young person again.”Olivia Cowan

“I will educate my children about monsters like you.”

Cowan said MSU and USAG should be held accountable. Says they are just as bad as Nassar. “If they would have taken action when it was first reported, they would have saved me….” she goes on to say “shame on you for looking the other way”Rebecca Mark

“He molested me with my mom in the room.”Bethany Bauman

“I truly just want to live again without the fear of you in my life.”Melissa Imrie

“The fact that I was sexually abused by you, is something I’m still wrapping my head around.”

“If he had not been caught, he would continue to do this for the rest of his life.”Kate Mohan

“It’s disgraceful to know that it’s taken this long” for the abuse to come to light.Danielle Moore

“Mr. Nassar, I feel worthless because of what you did to me.”Marion Siebert

“You were considered the best..this is what makes this crime so heinous. The cost is so high.”Anette Hill

“You put your selfish evil needs first.”Amanda Cormier

“A year of saying the rosary does not erase all the evil that you’ve done in my eyes.”

“We did not get to choose this trauma, but you did.”Jennifer Rood Bedford

“I felt so powerless.. my mind was wondering one thing.. for it to stop…” she said “he just kept on with his treatment as if nothing had happened.”Nicole Soos

“Something has gone seriously wrong at MSU,”Ashley Erickson

She was 12 years old at the time. She said MSU staff ignored complains. “They let me down.”Christy Lemke, the mother of gymnast Lindsey Lemke“These girls had no idea this wasn’t a medical procedure.”  Megan Halicek

“My innocent was ruthlessly taken away from me.”