Day 4 of Larry Nassar’s sentencing hearing

Nassar Coverage

Jordyn Wieber

“I had no idea he was sexually abusing me for his own benefit.”

“Nobody was protecting us from being taken advantage of.”Samantha Ursch

He made me feel just as important as everyone else.”Kara Johnson

“You smacked my butt and said ‘alright we’re all done here sweetie.’Brad Johnson

“Your story is dark, sinister and pure evil.”Marie Anderson

“At the age of 15 I was naive to sexual intercourse and recalled pain and embarrassment.”Amy Labadie

“I feel like I have lost all enjoyment in life..what Nassar did us affecting my whole life.. friendships, work.”Ali Raisman

“The tables have turned, Larry, we are here, we have our voices and we’re not going anywhere.”

“If over the years, if just one adult listened and had the care and courage to act, this tragedy could have been avoided… Larry you should have been locked up a long, long, time ago.”Kassie Powell

“You took advantage of young girls because we all just trusted what you were doing.”Doug Powell

“You simply benefited from your pathetic, narcissistic agenda.”Megan Ginter

“I was only a child.”

“I will not let what happen define me.. I’m a brave young woman.”Katherine Gordon

“Each girl in the news is a broken mirror.”Katelynne Hall

“What if someone would have taken the abuse seriously?”Anya Gillengarten

“Larry stole my childhood, my innocence, my virginity and my self worth.”

“The anxiety that has overtaken my life.”Kaylee McDowell

“Larry, Lar-bear, you were my closest friend.”

“You told me I was special and going somewhere fast.”

“You had me so wrapped around your finger at a time I was so blind to this world.”Lindsay Woolever

“You were in the best position to help people.” Hannah Morrow

“You already know what you did to me during the 4 to 5 years you practiced on me.. during the time I was 11 years old.”

“You cannot break me Larry..I am a survivor.”Bayle Pickel

“How could do something so horrible to an innocent young girl.”Alexis Alvarado

“He was a doctor and I trusted he would help me.”

To Kathie Klages: “You failed me and so many are a mandated reporter and you failed to report.”Morgan McCaul

“In my mind you were both my mentor and you were my friend…and it wasn’t until 2016 when I realized you molested me.”Trinea Gonczar

“I have fought for you, I have believed you.. I was standing by you.. I shouldn’t have but I did.”

“This treatment happened to me about 800 times.”Larissa Boyce

“The disturbing truth is.. you could have been stopped back in 1997…I told somebody. I told an adult. I told Michigan State University back in 1997.”

“Your disgusting actions destroyed my this day I question my matter how simple they seem.”

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