MSU President, Trustees address Nassar case

Nassar Coverage

The allegations against Dr. Nassar sent a shockwave through Michigan State University.

It’s no surprise that Nassar came up at the University’s Board of Trustee’s meeting earlier today.

Dozens of students and press gathered to hear University President, Lou Anna K. Simon, directly address the Board.

While she shared her opinions on several of the sexual assault and harassment controversies surrounding MSU, 6-News spoke with her after to find out what she had to say about Larry Nassar.

“Dr. Nassar isn’t here. And he hasn’t been here for quite a while,” says Simon.

That’s the answer, MSU President, Lou Anna K. Simon gave after asked what she would say to students, specifically girls, wanting to join the gymnastics team.

However, she wasn’t the only one who touched on Nassar during today’s meeting.

Board Chair, Brian Breslin, also read a statement saying,

The Trustees are deeply concerned about the allegations of sexual assault against former MSU Doctor, Larry Nassar connected to his work at MSU. We affirm sexual assault has no place in our Spartan community… The Board wants to make clear it’s commitment to actively monitoring this situation and working with the President to ensure appropriate action.”

According to President Simon, one thing that has been repeated over and over this semester, is that students should know, they do have resources and places to go if they have concerns.

“If there are serious issues you can go directly to police and your rights will be respected, if you’re a woman doing that, your scholarships will be protected even if you chose not to do that, that’s a pretty strong statement about how to deal with issues and how to make a great environment,” says Simon.

President Simon told 6-News, one thing that concerns her is the fact that, as more pieces of the puzzle are released, those pieces aren’t always consistent with the information she has.

And because of the investigations, she’s unable to say much in return.

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