Nassar accusers testify against former MSU doctor: “He was just the doctor to go to”

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WARNING: Very graphic content.

MASON, MI (WLNS) – A handful of women and girls were in court all day long Friday to tell their stories of abuse allegedly at the hands of former Michigan State University and USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar.

It was during a preliminary hearing for a judge to determine if there’s enough evidence to send the case to trial.

All three of Nassar’s accusers who took the stand say they sought him for medical treatment for injuries they suffered from gymnastics.

One of them, named as “Victim D” to protect her identity, is still a gymnast.

They shared similar stories of how Nassar would use his hands internally to inappropriately touch them.

When asked why they didn’t tell anyone, or come forward about the abuse sooner, their answer was simple: they trusted him. He was a powerful figure in the gymnastics community and because of that, they didn’t think anyone would believe them.

Something else we heard in court Friday, that we haven’t heard yet, was that Twistars owner John Geddert allegedly walked in the room while Nassar was performing said medical treatment and made a joke about it.

Below is just some of the testimony. **WARNING: Very graphic content.**

“He was just the doctor to go to..there wasn’t really another option, really,” Victim G said.

She’s now 22 years-old but is accusing Nassar of sexual abuse when she was just a minor.

AG: “And when you say there wasn’t really another option, what do you mean by that?”

VICTIM G: “That mostly everyone I knew went to see him.”

Below is testimony from “Victim D.” She’s now 16 years-old. She said she started to see Nassar when she was around 13 or 14 years old.

AG: “Can you describe for me what his hand was doing when he was touching that area of your private area?”

VICTIM D: “Moving massaging.”

AG: “Did he have any gloves on his hand when he was doing that?”


AG: “Was he saying anything to you when he was doing that?”


AG: “I think you told us that he went a little bit that accurate?”

VICTIM D: “Yes.”

AG: “Can you describe for me the next thing that he did..he was massaging the area between your lips and then something else happened.”

VICTIM D: “He penetrated me.”

VICTIM G: “I remember, John, my coach walking in and that’s kind of why I remember because I did feel uncomfortable that he was in there.”

AG: “And then what happened?”

VICTIM G: “Mostly all I remember is him doing the treatment on me with his fingers in my vagina and massaging my back and with a towel over my butt and John walking in and making a joke that I guess my back really did hurt and then I was uncomfortable because John was in there during that.”

Rachael Denhollander took the stand as well. She was the first one to do so. The now, mother in her 30’s was one of the first to come forward and accuse Nassar of abuse in 2016. Since then, dozens of women and girls have filed a lawsuit against Nassar and Michigan State University.

“He would use his thumb to thrust in and out rectally.”

AG: “At the same time his fingers were penetrating your vagina?”

DENHOLLANDER: “That’s correct.”

AG: “What was your reaction to that touching?”

DENHOLLANDER: “I thought it was disgusting.”

Nassar is also facing a civil suit which names MSU, USA Gymnastics and Twistars Gymnastics as co-defendants. More than 90 women and girls are part of it.

Through his attorney’s, Nassar maintains that he’s innocent and says he performed accepted medical techniques

There are four more Nassar accusers who are planning to take the stand. The next time the court we’ll hear from them, is May 26th.

6 News will continue to follow this story for you both in and outside the courtroom and bring you the latest information as soon as it becomes available.

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