Nassar survivor frustrated after MSU redirects counseling funds


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)– A $10 million fund was set up last year to help the victims of Larry Nassar get the counseling they need. But that fund was frozen in July because of fraud claims. And last week the fund was dissolved for good by the university. Now victims say it’s getting in the way of their recovery.

“As a survivor coming out with all of this, going to see a therapist, you start to open your own Pandora’s box,” Nassar survivor Kayla Galecka told 6 News. She’s been dealing with the aftermath of Larry Nassar’s abuse for almost 13 years.

“Not being able to see my therapist because I don’t have the funds…it’s really taken a toll.”

The decision is affecting caregivers too, and making it harder for counselors to help the people who need it most. 

“What comes to mind for me is really frustration, both for the clinicians and for the survivors.,” Tamera Lagalo says. As CEO of The Support Group, Lagalo supports mental health clinicians in Lansing and around the country. She says her clients have continued offering their services to patients, without payment, for months in hopes that MSU would re-open the fund. 

So far it’s cost them around $30,000 and at this point, they don’t know how to proceed.

“They are working with one another through this trauma they’ve endured,” Lagalo says, “and now they’re left in limbo again as to how to proceed.”

Galecka says she’s lost faith in MSU.

“These people promised me to… take care of me,” Galecka says. “And then they turn around and just pull it out from underneath us with no rhyme or reason really other than claims that we didn’t really know much about.”

Her message to MSU is clear.

“We want closure, we want to…we want to heal from this. You know we’ve gone through enough and to take it away from us and to smash the trust that we, the little trust we did have in them with this fund that they put together, it’s gone now.”

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