EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Victims of former MSU doctor Larry Nassar are calling out the FBI’s alleged failures, and now they are suing the agency for negligence.

13 victims are suing for $130 million in damages. The victims say when they reached out to the FBI to report their sexual assault claims that nothing was done.

Their claims were reported back in July of 2015 and according to attorneys, Nassar assaulted 100 more athletes after the FBI was informed.

“It’s a helpless feeling knowing that the FBI could’ve stopped the trauma that we were experiencing,” said Grace French, a survivor and founder of Army of Survivors.

French is one of the 13 victims suing the FBI in this case.

“The long terms effects of this trauma are infinite and it’s unthinkable that someone would realize that there is a serial rapist out there and not act upon it,” said French.

The survivors say the FBI took little to no action when allegations were made. One attorney representing the group says there may be even more victims who reached out to the agency to report claims.

“Approximately 100 or more women were assaulted after July of 2015, now that’s based on public reporting and my individual communication with colleagues,” said attorney Jamie White.

White says one of the FBI agents submitted a resume to work for U.S. Gymnastics around the time the FBI was aware of the Nassar sexual assault claims.

“The extraordinary thing about that is he had time to send a resume, but he never even sat down at a typewriter and authored a report of the young woman who had made this allegation in 2015,” said White.

Victims like Grace say it has taken years to heal and now she has to relive it all during the lawsuit.

Grace french: “I can speak to my own experience and in today being a hard day. It’s definitely something that’s retraumatizing to have to relive.”

But she has found a way to channel her pain in a positive way that helps more survivors and athletes.

“I started the army of survivors, an organization with a mission to bring accountability, awareness, and transparency to sexual violence. I’m so thankful for that because it’s given me hope for a better future.”

Attorneys for many Nassar survivors will file 13 separate claims and use what is called the Federal Tort claims act’ that allows people to be compensated for injury or loss caused by government negligence or wrongdoing.

Attorney White told 6 News me they’re hoping the U.S. Attorney General will reopen the decision to prosecute the agents involved.