Nassar’s former boss, MSU Dean of Osteopathic Medicine steps down


EAST LANSING, MI (WLNS) – William Strampel, the dean of Osteopathic Medicine at MSU, stepped down from his administrative role at the university on Thursday.

MSU said Strampel is going on medical leave, citing health reasons. While he will no longer be the dean, he will remain part of MSU’s faculty.

Strampel was former MSU doctor Larry Nassar’s boss and in lawsuits filed against the university, he has come under fire for the way he handled an investigation into Nassar in 2014.

The university says the only time it was made aware of a complaint against Nassar was in 2014, after a patient raised concerns about the treatment she received by Nassar.

Jason Cody, a spokesperson for the university, says MSU investigated the incident

As a result of that investigation, in July 2014, Strampel, emailed Nassar saying the following:

– “We will have another person, (resident, nurse, etc.) in the room whenever we are approaching a patient to perform procedures of anything close to a sensitive area.

– The procedure which caused the patient emotional distress because of her interpretation will be modified in the future to be sure that there is little to no skin to skin contact when in these regions. Should this be absolutely necessary, the procedure will be explained in detail with another person in the room for both the explanation and the procedure

– New people in our practice will be oriented to be sure they understand these requirements.

Cody said that when Nassar was given those guidelines, put into place by his supervisor in 2014, he was expected to follow them.

Cody said when the university found out in September 2016 that Nassar didn’t follow those guidelines, MSU fired him.

A woman who worked at a practice with Nassar said she wasn’t informed about restrictions placed upon him by MSU.

The woman, who spoke to 6 News anonymously, said she was never told that someone needed to be in the room with Nassar while he was performing intimate procedures, as required in a 2014 letter from the dean.

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