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Lawmakers try to hammer out new relief package

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With the coronavirus far from being contained, Senators Chris Van Hollen and Richard Blumenthal say Americans need new targeted, direct payments to stave off economic fallout…

If somebody is at work and doing fine and paying the bills there’s no reason that they should be getting a payment but people who are hurting because of this pandemic should be getting the relief they need.

Stimulus payments are necessary for families that are still struggling to put food on the table…

Van Hollen says time is of the essence – as key protections from previous bills… like eviction protection and unemployment benefits… are slated to expire at the end of July.

Senator Chris Van Hollen, we still have 20 million Americans out of work. You could see a flood of eviction notices going out so all of those issues need to be dealt with.

As negotiations continue for the next covid package – new direct payments appear to be a source of common ground.

Secretary of Commerce of Wilbur Ross says the President supports more stimulus.

There’s some interest in doing it through a payroll tax cut there’s other interest in writing checks directly there are whole variety of forms of which it could take

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has said he wants new payments to go toward those making less than 40-thousand dollars per year.

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