Wilmington, DE (WLNS)-While President Trump continues to fight the outcome of the 20-20 presidential election, he also appears to be preparing to run again in 20-24. This comes as President-elect Joe Biden is focusing on the economy, which has been decimated by the coronavirus pandemic.

This comes as Attorney General William Barr told the associated press that so far, the department of justice has “not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election.” The DOJ is also looking into possible criminal activity surrounding presidential pardons.

Heavily redacted court documents show the investigation centers around a possible “secret lobbying scheme” in which certain people are alleged to have “acted as lobbyists to senior white house officials” to secure a “pardon or reprieve of sentence.” A justice official tells CBS news no government official is a target of the investigation.

President-elect Joe Biden is focused on the economy today, holding a virtual roundtable with workers and small business owners who are struggling financially during the coronavirus pandemic. On Tuesday, the president-elect introduced his economic team, and called on congress to act now on another stimulus package.

But while both sides say another bill is necessary, democrats and republicans can’t agree on how much money is needed.