EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – The United States ambassador to NATO was in Lansing on Monday to speak with lawmakers about the importance of supporting the alliance.

Ambassador Julianne Smith also took the time to speak to students at Michigan State University and answer questions they had about international politics.

The ambassador said it’s part of a larger campaign to drum-up support for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization both here and around the world.

“We thought it might be helpful to come to Michigan and talk to students and also community leaders and the governor to talk about the NATO alliance and what’s happening in Ukraine so that people can understand and ask questions about why supporting Ukraine is so important right now. It’s not just the United States we’ve seen every member of the alliance step up and provide humanitarian, economic and security assistance to the Ukrainian people,” said Smith.

Our state has been a direct supporter of NATO, members of the Michigan National Guard have traveled to Latvia in order to train with allies there and confront the Russian threat.