Negative temperatures raise concerns of frostbite


When temperatures dip into cold temperatures, frostbite is always a concern. But with tomorrow’s negative digits, it’s a concern when you’re outside for just a few minutes.

“We’re talking fifteen to thirty minutes. This isn’t a stay outside for hours and maybe get it situation, it will happen very fast,” said Sparrow Urgent Care Physician, Dr. Song Yu.

Dr. Yu says you should stay indoors if you can, but if you do have to go out, make sure you have the proper gloves, hat, boots, jackets and pants to brace against the frigid and wet conditions.

If you do experience the beginning stages of frostbite, it’s a frost nip. This is when your skin turns red and starts to get numb. Dr. Yu says to help your skin, you should run it under warm water.

“By this time you’ve already exposed yourself, so you’ve lost a lot of sensation to your fingertips and toe. How hot you’ve got that water you won’t know, and a lot of times you can burn yourself from hot water or from exposing yourself from the flames of a fire place,” said Dr. Yu.

If your skin starts to turn white, grey or blister, Dr. Yu says you should seek medical attention immediately.

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