Neighbor saves family from house fire


Bob and Diane Shillings were spending time with one of their grandchildren and brother-in-law when a neighbor ran into their house and told them their house was on fire.

The neighbor, Bob Dodd, is now being called a hero.

Dodd drove past the Shilling’s home and saw smoke coming from the roof. He then turned around and knew something was wrong.

“I was headed to town, and I saw some smoke coming off the back deck and it looked odd, so I turned around, pulled in the drive and as I got closer I could see we had a problem,” said Dodd.

He came into their front door, that was unlocked, and shouted for the family to get out and that their house was burning down. The family came up and saw the smoke, then realized they needed to get out quick.

“We walked out with the clothes we had on our backs, we didn’t even have any shoes on,” said Bob Shilling.

After all five left, they called 9-1-1 where multiple fire departments showed up to put out the flames.

Shillings says their insurance everything is gone but that doesn’t matter.

“I’m not going to cry over spilled milk, because in the end no one was hurt, and that’s all that matters,” said Shillings.

Shillings and Dodd have been neighbors since the 80s but they didn’t have more than just an average neighbor relationship, until now.

“I probably talked to him more in the last two days than I have in last 30 years…I didn’t know him well enough to barge in, but it fit in the moment,” said Dodd.

Now, Schillings says Dodd is more than just a neighbor.

“You know…guardian angel… God was looking after us,” said Shillings.

Shillings added that they haven’t identified an exact cause of the fire but think it started in the kitchen.

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