LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Martin Street is a tight-knit community, and people there have spoken about how different things will feel without Vernita Payne.

The family of 84-year-old Payne said she was in her upstairs bedroom when Thursday night’s storm caused a tree to fall directly on top of her. Payne died in the storm wreckage.

The fallen tree caused her home to collapse on itself –the same home that the family says Payne’s 95 grandchildren and great-grandchildren played in.

Yes — 95.

Vernita was known by her friends and family as “The Captain.” Payne had just gotten a new puppy, “Baby,” whom the family said was pulled from the house’s wreckage around 8 p.m. Friday.

The home itself is barely visible–it’s completely covered by the tree.

Payne’s family spoke about the huge impact she had on their lives–and everyone she met.

“She’s a neighborhood grandma, a neighborhood auntie and a neighborhood mom. At one time we all stayed in this house right here; there were 17 of us living right there. No one ever starved, no one nothing. This is called The Fabulous Acres over here,” said Payne’s nephew, Charlie Dean.

Other family members said Payne’s giving nature was far-reaching.

“She was a wonderful lady and she gave her love and spread it to the world. She was The Captain for real, everyone know her by The Captain. Her name is Vernita, and we’re never gonna live this down,” said another family member of Payne’s, whose name isn’t recorded.

The tree was still on the home on Friday. Consumers Energy did come to assess the situation.