LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) —  A 21-year-old man was killed, and a 16-year-old girl was injured following a shooting in Lansing on Thursday.

The deadly shooting took place at an apartment complex blocks away from the McLaren Greater Lansing Hospital.

“I was on the phone with my sister; I heard a ‘Pop pop pop!’ And I was like, ‘Oh what was that?’ And then I heard a few more pops, and I heard that Michelle heard it too. It woke her up, and I thought that was not normal.”

Isabel Patsey and Michelle Hanis heard the gunfire while they were home, just doors away from the streams of yellow police tape blocking part of the parking lot of Boulevard West Apartments.

Large police response near new McLaren Hospital. (WLNS)
Police respond to a shooting in Lansing on Thursday afternoon. (WLNS)

Hanis says she got up and looked out the window.

“And I see someone messing around over there, and then I saw somebody run across here really, really fast,” Hanis said.

Lansing Police Department officials say shortly before 4 p.m. this afternoon officers responded to a shots-fired complaint — stemming from a domestic dispute.

When they got to the apartments, police found a man in a car who had been shot.

The Lansing Fire Department took him to the hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.

Police also found a 16-year-old girl injured. She was taken to the hospital for minor injuries.  

Patsey remembers calling 911 right after the shooting.

“I heard some gunshots, and I saw a guy with a gun running away but that was all I knew,” said Patsey.

Police say one person of interest is detained in connection to the shooting.

Mike Kraft lives nearby and says he only knew about the shooting because of his roommate.

“He wasn’t playing any music like I was. He had heard gunshots, I instantly became worried and went to see if he was alright,” Kraft said.

Kraft, like others in the neighborhood, says he’s never seen anything like this while living here.

Lansing police say they’re still investigating and trying to figure out what lead up to the shooting.

Anyone with any information about what happened is encouraged to call the Lansing Police Department.