Neighbors react after deadly Jackson Co. shooting


Neighbors react after a deadly shooting happens in their quiet Jackson Co. community. The shooting left a man dead and sheriff’s deputy injured.

It all started after Jackson County Sheriff’s deputies were called to a home on Westlane Drive for a domestic dispute.   

“Hate to see something like that happen,” said Glenn Williamson. He lives across from the street from where the shooting happened with his wife Danya Williamson.

The couple moved into their homes off Westlane three years ago.

Glenn Williamson said,  “You kind of hope it never happens around here.”

“But it doesn’t scare us,” Danya Williamson said.

James Lingenfelter also lives across from where the shooting happened an moved in about two years ago.

Lingenfelte said,  “This day in age you have to kind of accept, but you really don’t want it to happen. You feel sorry for the person the kids, everybody else that’s involved.”

Everyone involved in Wednesday night’s shooting at a home on Westlane drive. Deputies were called there shortly after 9:00 p.m.. for a domestic dispute. Jackson Co. Sheriff Steven Rand said they were allowed in the home by a woman. 

“the male subject opened fire on our deputies,” Rand said. “One of our deputies was struck multiple times. Our deputies returned fire and struck the suspect ultimately killing him.”

At the time, deputies weren’t sure of the man injuries.

Rand said, “He had been barricaded behind a door in a closet in the upstairs.”

It took about five hours to secure the area.

Danya Williamson added, “The neighborhood is wonderful and this is just one incident and it might not ever happen again. So, we’re gonna trust the Lord.”

The investigation is now in the hands of the Jackson county major crimes task force and the deputies involved are on leave, which is standard protocol after a shooting.

“I’m very very pleased the outcome wasn’t worse,” Rand said. “Our deputy should be, should recover fully from his injuries we’re hoping and that we can move past this.”

Glenn Williamson said, “Everybody around here, they need encouraging and if there’s anything I can do to help them out I’m going to.”

Danya agreed, “Yes if they ask for our help, we will be there for them.”

The deputy shot was taken to Henry Ford Allegiance hospital and Sheriff rand said he going to have surgery followed by a long recovery.

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